68-02 METROPOLITAN AVENUEMIDDLE VILLAGE, N.Y. 11379     (718) 821-3916 

       CNL executive offices have relocated in  New York City at the newly established CNL / ANNE AND HENRY PAOLUCCI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER, located at 68-02 METROPOLITAN AVENUE, MIDDLE VILLAGE, N.Y. 11379 

       The Center has conference facilities and is the repository of CNL books and archives.  CNL Executive Assistant, Dr. Clara Sarrocco, can be reached at the Center, Mondays through Thursdays, 1 - 4 PM (Tel 718-821-3916).

       The First CNL International Conference was held on March 25, 2000.  This day-long conference included
papers and panel presentations on a variety of interesting subjects having to do with Multi-compartive approaches to literary studies. A special citation from the New York State Senate was presented to painter Sirena; followed by an awards dinner and ceremony honoring secondary school teachers and college/university professors who have brought into the classroom a heightened awareness of global priorities in education and who have introduced their students to new materials dealing with multi-ethnic  or multi-comparative studies.

      We will be covering and previewing these and other functions sponsored and supported by the CNL / Anne and
Henry Paolucci International Conference Center.

* * * Publication of Review of National Literatures and World Report will cease with the 2000 Volume, Italy: Fiction, Theater, Poetry, Film since 1950 (Vol 3. in New Series; Special Editor, Robert S. Dombroski). Member libraries will be receiving this new volume.  We urge libraries to support our new agenda.

      CNL has begun a new publishing venture which includes important reprints, unusual books, translations, etc.  Several such publications have already been distributed to our member libraries during the past few months, free of charge, as "bonus" items: Essays on Dante and Medieval Culture (Dino Bigongiari);  a new edition of Anne Paolucci's classic From Tension to Tonic: The Plays of Edward Albee;   and a first "sampling" of Henry Paolucci: Selected Writings; James Thomson's The City of Dreadful Night: A Study of The Cultural Resources of its Author and a Reappraisal of the Poem (Henry Paolucci); An Artist's Journey of Discovery by award-winning painter, Constance Del Vecchio Maltese (with 55 color reproductions of the original "Age of Discovery Navigators" series, 32 black and white photographs and original sketches by the artist); and a long-awaited new edition of the important anthology, Hegel on Tragedy (Anne and Henry Paolucci).

       In preparation for 2001 are: new editions of Who Is Kissinger?, and Kissinger's War, and selected papers from Bagehot Council meetings at the American Political Science Association, 1995 - 1998; selections from the monthly political newsletter State of the Nation (1969-1980), edited by Henry Paolucci (who was also its major contributor); and a second art book, Dante's Gallery of Rogues, featuring reproductions of 34 original oil paintings by Vincenzo Latella depicting episodes from the 34 cantos of Dante's Inferno, with an introductory essay, "The Strident Voices of Hell," by Anne Paolucci.

       We look forward to these and other future projects, and hope that our members will recognize the value
of these new activities -- pioneer efforts of another kind, drawing on the experience of over thirty years.
CLICK HERE to view the proceedings of the
"First Independent Conference on Multinational Studies"
at the Anne and Henry Paolucci International Conference Center, March 25, 2000
Spring 2001 #10000133
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