Selected Papers on Columbus and His Time. Ed. Anne Paolucci/Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: A. Paolucci, Frank J. Coppa, Theodore J. Cachey, Jr., Nishan Parlakian, H. Paolucci, Charles Weathers Bump.
(ISBN: 0-918680-40-9, 1989 paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Modern Views of Columbus and His Time (Essays, Poems, Reprints) Ed. Anne Paolucci/Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: A. Paolucci, Richard Gambino, C. F. Kelly, Marie-Lise Gazarian, Franklin C. Cacciutto, George Maritime, H. Paolucci, Claudia. L.Bushman, Ken Gambone, Herbert B. Adams, Charles Weathers Bump.
(ISBN: 0-918680-46-8, 1990 paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Machiavelli '500. Vol. I, No. 1. Spring, 1970. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib.: Leo Strauss, Giuseppe Prezzolini, Joseph A. Mazzeo, John C. H. Wu, Gian Roberto Sarolli, Richard C. Clark.
(ISBN: 0-918680-56-5 paper. $25.00+$3 s&h)

Hegel in Comparative Literature. Vol I, No. 2. Fall 1970. Spec. Ed. Frederick G. Weiss. Contrib.: Albert Hofstadter, Henry Paolucci, Daisy Fornacca Kouzel, Robert L. Perkins, T. M. Knox, Frank Grande.
(ISBN: 0-918680-57-3 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Pirandello. Vol. 14, 1987. Spec. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib.: Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni, Victor Carrabino, Antonio Illiano, Umberto Mariani, Moses M. Nagy, Anne Paolucci, Mary T. Reynolds, Jennifer Stone, Franco Zangrilli
(ISBN: 0-918680-27-1 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Comparative Literary Theory: New Perspectives Vol.15, 1989 Spec. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib. Albert Gérard, Bruce King, John Deeney, Norman Simms, Anne & Henry Paolucci.
(ISBN: 0-918680-24-7 paper $25.00+ $3 s&h)

Columbus, America, and The World. Vol. 16, 1992. Spec. Eds. Anne Paolucci & Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: Dino Bigongiari, Frank J. Coppa, Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier, John K. Gillespie, Frank D. Grande, Foster Provost, O. Carlos Stoetzer
(ISBN: 0-918680-33-6 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Native American Antiquities and Linguistics. Vol. 19, 1995. Justin Winsor. Part I of III. Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci.
(ISBN: 0-918680-49-2 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Cultures of the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. Vol. 20, 1996. Justin Winsor and C. R. Markham. Part II of III. Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci.
(ISBN: 0-918680-50-6 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Early Spanish, French, and English Encounters with the American Indians. Vol. 21, 1997. Justin Winsor & George E. Ellis. Part III of III. Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci
(ISBN: 0-918680-54-9 paper $25.00+$3 s&h)

Literature As a Unifying Cultural Force, Vol. 2, New Series, 1999. Ed. Anne Paolucci. World Report: Comparative Studies and Non-Western Literatures: Retrospective
(ISBN: 0-918680-78-6 paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Modern Italy, Vol 3, New Series, 2000 Ed. Anne Paolucci. Special Editor, Robert Dombrosky
(ISBN: 0-918680- paper $25.00 + $3 s&)

Dante and the Quest for Eloquence in India's Vernacular Languages. Anne Paolucci & Henry Paolucci. Article reprinted from Vol. 10, Review of National Literatures: India.
(ISBN: 0-918680-28-X / LCCC: 77-126039, 1984 paper $4.95)

Cipango! A one-act play about Christopher Columbus. Paolucci, Anne.
(ISBN: 0-918680-34-4, 1987 paperback, $4.95)
(ISBN: 51-4, 1992 Video, $20.00)

The Actor in Search of His Mask. (A one-act play about Machiavelli struggling with the writing of his Mandragola)Paolucci, Anne
(ISBN: 0-918680-26-3, 1987 paper $6.95) OUT OF PRINT

The Armenian Literary Legacy, A Bridge Among the Nations.   Paolucci, Anne.  Introduction by V. Oshagan. An address delivered at the opeing meeting of the 70th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
(ISBN: -0-918680-30-1, 1985 paper $2.95)

Eight Short Stories. Paolucci, Anne. ". . . magnetic and delightful. ". . . incisive gift of style"
(ISBN: 0-918680-04-2 / LCCC: 76-53274 GHF101, 1977 paper $6.95)

From Tension to Tonic, The Plays of Edward Albee. 2nd EditionPaolucci, Anne.  ". . . splendidly entertaining, with a sovereign art of the dialogue and rare caricatural skill . . .
(ISBN: 0-918680-84-0, 2000 paper $12.00)

Gorbachev in Concert (and Other Poems). Paolucci, Anne.  Preface by Diana Der Hovanessian. ". . . hypnotic suggestibility" . . .
(ISBN: 0-918680-75-1, 1991 paper $9.95
(ISBN: -47-6, 1991 cloth $15.00)

In the Green Room, A Play. Paolucci, Anne.  Music & Lyrics by Henry Paolucci. "Pirandellian resonances give the play a special quality . . . . In creating this 'absurd' network of reality and fantasy, Paolucci combines 'process' and 'product' into a seamless dramatic experience."
(ISBN: 0-918680-82-4, 2000 paper $14.95)

Minions of the Race. Paolucci, Anne. One-act play; winner of the 1972 Conference Drama Project of the Medieval/Renaissance Institute.
(ISBN: 0-918680-09-3, 1978 paper $3.95)

Pirandello's Theater The Recovery of the Modern Stage for Dramatic Art Paolucci, Anne.  Preface by Harry T. Moore.   (ISBN: 0-8093-0594-1, 1974  [Univ. of Illinois Press]  cloth $25.00)

Poems Written for Sbek's Mummies, Marie Menken, and Other Important Persons, Places & Things. Paolucci, Anne.  Introduction by Glauco Cambon.
(ISBN: 0-918680-03-4 / LCCC: 76-53263 GHP201, 1977 paper $15.00)

Queensboro Bridge (and Other Poems)Paolucci, Anne. "The transparent, easy simplicity of these poems is high art indeed."
(ISBN: 1-884754-27-9, 1995. [Potpourri Publ. Co., Kansas] paper $15.00) 

Riding the Mast Where It Swings (New Poems).2nd Ed  Paolucci, Anne. . "Poets are not merely comfortable with words . . they are magisterial with them. Anne Paolucci . . . is a poet." (National Review).
(ISBN: 0-918680-10-7/LCCC: 80-68090 GHP202 paper $12.00)

Sepia Tones. Paolucci, Anne. "If more Italian-American writers do not speak up soon, much of their experience . . will go unrecorded. . Anne Paolucci's slim volume helps dispel the silence" (New York Times).   (ISBN: 0-918680-32-8 paper $15.00)

Terminal Degrees: A Novella. Paolucci, Anne.  ". . . a kaleidoscope of emotions, of people caught in the glare of briefly shared conflicts."
(ISBN: 1-884754-28-7, 1997. (Potpourri Publ. Co., Kansas) paper $15.00)

Three Short Plays: Minions of the Race; Incident at the Great Wall; The Actor in Search of His Mask Paolucci, Anne. . Introduction by Mario Fratti:
(ISBN: 0-918680-36-0, 1994. paper $12.95)

A Brief History of Political Thought and Statecraft   Paolucci, Henry.  Illustrated. Alternative Futures and the History of Political Thought.
(ISBN: 0-918680-08-5 / LCCC: 78-062295 GHGP703S, 1979 paper $9.95)

Iran, Israel and the United States. Paolucci, Henry.  From the Founding of the Post-Biblical Judaism to the Shiite Republic of the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hostage Crisis of 1979-1989 A.D., A scholar's view.
(ISBN: 0-918680-76-X, 1991 paper $15.00)      ISBN: -44-1, 1991 cloth $29.95)

Kissinger's War 1957-1975.    Paolucci, Henry.  A blow-by-blow analysis of the strategy of "Defeatist Interventionism" and "No-win Belligerency."
(ISBN: 0-918680-14-X / LCCC: 80-83056 GHGP706, 1980 paper $10.95)

The Political Thought of G.W.F. HEGEL  Paolucci, Henry. . Truth in the Philosophical Sciences of Society, Politics, and History.
(ISBN: 0-918680-06-9 / LCCC: 78-062416 GHGP701, 1978 paper $5.00)

Selected Writings on Literature and the Arts; Science and Astronomy; Law, Government, and Political Philosophy.   Paolucci, Henry.  Preface and Edited by Anne Paolucci. Essays on a variety of subjects.
(ISBN: 0-918680-81-6, 1999 paper $18.00        ISBN: -79-4, 1999 cloth $45.00)

A Separate and Equal Station. Hegel, America, and the Nation-State System Paolucci, Henry. .
(ISBN: 0-918680-05-0 / LCCC: 78-062415 GHGP700, 1978 paper $2.50)

The South and the Presidency" From Reconstruction to Carter: A Long Day's Task. Paolucci, Henry
(ISBN: 0-918680-07-7 / LCCC: 78-062417 GHGP702, 1978 paper $5.00)

War, Peace, and the Presidency.  Paolucci, Henry.  A classic and far-reaching analysis of the role of the presidency in world politics.
(ISBN: 0-918680-71-9 / LCCC: 68-8774, 1968 cloth $39.95)

Who is Kissinger? 2nd Ed. Paolucci, Henry.  Prophetic analysis of things to come when written during Kissinger's first two years in the White House.
(ISBN: 0-918680-13-1 / LCCC: 80-83057 GHGP705, 1980 paper $2.50)  OUT OF PRINT

Zionism, The Superpowers, and the P.L.O..2nd Ed. Paolucci, Henry.  A background study of the Mid-East Political, with an Exclusive Interview with Kaled Al-Hassan, Top Political Strategist of the P.L.O.
(ISBN: 0-918680-18-2 / LCCC: 82-15728 GHGP707, 1982 paper $19.95)

James Thomson's City of Dreadful Night. Paolucci, Henry.  A study of the cultural resources of its author and a reappraisal of the poem.
(ISBN: 0-918680-87-5, 2000 cloth $39.95)

Criminal Law: Its Nature and Sources (paper) 1999 $29.95

Criminal Law: Its Nature and Sources (cloth) 1999  $39.95

The Bride (original translation) 1987 $6.95  Out of Print

Grandma, Pray for Me 1990 $6.95 Out of Print

Translations of Selected Italian Short Stories 1988 $15.95

Morale in the Military in War and Peace and - Gender, Public Policy and the State: Women and the Military 1998 $19.95

The Nobel Prize Winners of Italy (1906 - 2002) - Featuring Twenty Italian and Italian-American Nobel Laureates 2003 $10.95

ITALIAN-AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES: Preserving the Future Through the Past (A Personal Assessment) 2007 $10.00

DANTE REVISITED Essays by Anne Paolucci 2008 $20.00

ESCAPE AND RETURN -  An Autobiography -  Anne Paolucci 2008 $25.00

EDWARD ALBEE (The Later Plays). Paolucci,  Anne -
(ISBN: 978-1-932107-21-0, 2010  paperback $20,00)

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