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Nixon and the Foxes of Watergate. Aldebaran  A mock-epic poem reminiscent of Pope's Rape of the Lock.
(ISBN: 0-918680-12-3 / LCCC: 80-39500 GHGP704S, 1980 paper $2.95)

Wedding of a Poet by Ibrahim Sinasi, Illus. Allworth, Edward (trans)  The first modern Turkish play (one-act).
(ISBN: 0-918680-15-8 / LCCC: 81-6855 GHD802, 1981paper $6.00)

Essays on Dante and Medieval Culture, 2nd Ed. Bigongiari, Dino. Critical studies of the thought and texts of Dante, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Marsilius of Padua and other medieval subjects.
(ISBN: 0-918680-86-7, 2000cloth $29.95)

Dante's Influence on American Writers, 1776-1976.   Proceedings of the Bicentenial meeting of the Dante Society of America, 1976.
(ISBN: 0-918680-02-6 / LCCC: 76-5226 GHC410, 1977paper $4.95)   OUT OF PRINT

Dante and the Quest for Eloquence in India's Vernacular Languages.   Anne Paolucci & Henry Paolucci. Article reprinted from Vol. 10, Review of National Literatures: India.
(ISBN: 0-918680-28-X / LCCC: 77-126039, 1984paper $4.95)

Our Family and Toys. Two one-act plays.   Fratti, Mario. "The winner of the Eugene O'Neill Drama Award for the text of the play which was to become the hit musical, NINE!"
(ISBN: 0-918680-31-X, 1986paper $4.95)  OUT OF PRINT

Chatterton.   Fulvi, Phillip  Original translation of Alfred DeVigny's play. Introduction by Henry Paolucci
(ISBN: 0-918680-45-X, 1990paper $12.00)

An Artist's Journey of Discovery.  Maltese, Constance Del Vecchio. An account of the "Age of Discovery Navigators" series, with descriptions of the techniques and procedures employed by the artist, including details of actual models used for the project.
(ISBN: 0-918680-89-1, 2000cloth $125.00)

Cipango!   Paolucci, Anne. A one-act play about Christopher Columbus.
(ISBN: 0-918680-34-4, 1987    paperback, $8.95 OUT OF PRINT)       (ISBN: 51-4, 1992  Video,  $20.00)

The Actor in Search of His Mask.   Paolucci, Anne. One-act play about Machiavelli struggling with the writing of his Mandragola.
(ISBN: 0-918680-26-3, 1987  paper $6.95)  OUT OF PRINT

The Armenian Literary Legacy, A Bridge Among the Nations.   Paolucci, Anne.  Introduction by V. Oshagan. An address delivered at the opeing meeting of the 70th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
(ISBN: -0-918680-30-1, 1985paper $2.95)

Eight Short Stories.    Paolucci, Anne. ". . . magnetic and delightful. ". . . incisive gift of style"
(ISBN: 0-918680-04-2 / LCCC: 76-53274 GHF101, 1977paper $12.95)   OUT OF PRINT

From Tension to Tonic, The Plays of Edward Albee. 2nd Edition.   Paolucci, Anne. ". . . A classic in the field."
(ISBN: 0-918680-84-0, 2000paper $12.00     cloth $19.95)  Cloth edition only is -- OUT OF PRINT

Gorbachev in Concert (and Other Poems).  Paolucci, Anne.  Preface: Diana Der Hovanessian "hypnotic suggestibility" (ISBN: 0-918680-75-1, 1991paper $10.00)     (ISBN: -47-6, 1991cloth $20.00)

In the Green Room, A Play.   Paolucci, Anne. Music & Lyrics by Henry Paolucci. "Pirandellian resonances give the play a special quality . . . . In creating this 'absurd' network of reality and fantasy, Paolucci combines 'process' and 'product' into a seamless dramatic experience."
(ISBN: 0-918680-82-4, 2000paper $14.95)

Minions of the Race.   Paolucci, Anne.  One-act play; winner of the 1972 Conference Drama Project of the Medieval/Renaissance Institute.
(ISBN: 0-918680-09-3, 1978paper $8.00)   OUT OF PRINT

Pirandello's Theater-The Recovery of the Modern Stage for Dramatic Art.    Paolucci, Anne. Preface by Harry T. Moore.  (ISBN: 0-8093-0594-1, 1974  [Southern Illinois Univ. Press]  cloth $29.95) OUT OF PRINT (May be reissued)

Poems Written for Sbek's Mummies, Marie Menken, and Other Important Persons, Places & Things.  Paolucci, Anne.   Introduction by Glauco Cambon.
(ISBN: 0-918680-03-4 / LCCC: 76-53263 GHP201, 1977paper $12.00)

Queensboro Bridge (and Other Poems).   Paolucci, Anne. "The ..... easy simplicity of these poems is high art indeed." (Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, and the American Pen Poetry Award)
(ISBN: 1-884754-27-9, 1995. [Potpourri Publ. Co., Kansas]    paper $10.00)

Riding the Mast Where It Swings (New Poems). 2nd Ed.  Paolucci, Anne. "Poets are not merely comfortable with words . . they are magisterial with them. Anne Paolucci . . . is a poet." (National Review).
(ISBN: 0-918680-10-7/LCCC: 80-68090 GHP202paper $10.00)

Sepia Tones.   Paolucci, Anne. "If more Italian-American writers do not speak up soon, much of their experience . . . will go unrecorded.  . .  Anne Paolucci's slim volume helps dispel the silence."  (New York Times).
(ISBN: 0-918680-32-8paper $12.00)

Terminal Degrees: A Novella.   Paolucci, Anne.  ". . . a kaleidoscope of emotions, of people caught in the glare of briefly shared conflicts."
(ISBN: 1-884754-28-7, 1997. (Potpourri Publ. Co., Kansas)paper $12.00)

Three Short Plays: Minions of the Race; Incident at the Great Wall; The Actor in Search of His Mask.   Paolucci, Anne.   "...Paolucci  makes historical events, familiar literary themse ad reinterprets" (the past) "with the freedom and flourish of art."      Introduction by Mario Fratti:
(ISBN: 0-918680-36-0, 1994.paper $15.00)

A Brief History of Political Thought and Statecraft.   Paolucci, Henry.  Illustrated. Alternative Futures and the History of Political Thought.
(ISBN: 0-918680-08-5 / LCCC: 78-062295 GHGP703S, 1979paper $6.95)

Iran, Israel and the United States.  Paolucci, Henry.  From the Founding of the Post-Biblical Judaism to the Shiite Republic of the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hostage Crisis of 1979-1989 A.D., A scholar's view.
(ISBN: 0-918680-76-X, 1991paper $19.95)     ISBN: -44-1, 1991cloth $39.95)

Kissinger's War  1957-1975.   Paolucci, Henry. A blow-by-blow analysis of the strategy of "Defeatist Interventionism" and "No-win Belligerency."
(ISBN: 0-918680-14-X / LCCC: 80-83056 GHGP706, 1980paper $8.00)  OUT OF PRINT

The Political Thought of G.W.F. HEGEL.  Paolucci, Henry. Truth in the Philosophical Sciences of Society, Politics, and History.
(ISBN: 0-918680-06-9 / LCCC: 78-062416 GHGP701, 1978paper $4.5)

Selected Writings on Literature and the Arts; Science and Astronomy; Law, Government, and Political Philosophy. Paolucci, Henry. Preface and Edited by Anne Paolucci. Essays on a variety of subjects.
(ISBN: 0-918680-81-6, 1999paper $18.00)        (ISBN: -79-4, 1999cloth $45.00)

A Separate and Equal Station. Hegel, America, and the Nation-State System.   Paolucci, Henry.
(ISBN: 0-918680-05-0 / LCCC: 78-062415 GHGP700, 1978paper $4.95)

The South and the Presidency" From Reconstruction to Carter: A Long Day's Task.   Paolucci, Henry.
(ISBN: 0-918680-07-7 / LCCC: 78-062417 GHGP702, 1978paper $4.95)

War, Peace, and the Presidency. Paolucci, Henry. Classic, far-reaching analysis: the role of the presidency in world politics.  (ISBN: 0-918680-71-9 / LCCC: 68-8774, 1968cloth $39.95)

Who is Kissinger? 2nd Ed.   Paolucci, Henry.  Prophetic analysis of things to come when written during Kissinger's first two years in the White House.
(ISBN: 0-918680-13-1 / LCCC: 80-83057 GHGP705, 1980paper $4.00)  OUT OF PRINT

Zionism, The Superpowers, and the P.L.O..2nd Ed.   Paolucci, Henry.  A background study of the Mid-East Political, with an Exclusive Interview with Kaled Al-Hassan, Top Political Strategist of the P.L.O.
(ISBN: 0-918680-18-2 / LCCC: 82-15728 GHGP707, 1982paper $12.00)

James Thomson's City of Dreadful Night.   Paolucci, Henry. A study of the cultural resources of its author and a reappraisal of the poem.
(ISBN: 0-918680-87-5, 2000cloth $29.95)

Criminal Law: Its Nature and Sources.  Pauley, Matthew A. Foreword by The Hon. Joseph G. Golia. Written as a basic introduction to criminal law, the book is unusual in its lucid articulation of what could be a heave approach to a difficult subject. ". . . unusually perceptive, humorous."
(ISBN: 0-918680-72-7, 1999cloth $39.95)    (ISBN: -74-3, 1999paper $29.95)

The Bride.    Parlakian, Nishan. Original translation of Zobel Asadour's Armenian play.
(ISBN: 0-918680-37-9, 1987paper $6.95)  OUT OF PRINT

Grandma, Pray for Me. Parlakian, Nishan.  Original award-winning play about an Armenian-American family in New York City in the 1940s.
(ISBN: 0-918680-43-3, 1990paper $6.95)   OUT OF PRINT

Translations of selected Italian short stories.   Zangrilli, Franco (Ed.) Mario Pomilio, Luigi Pirandello, Giuseppe Bonaviri.   (ISBN: 0-918680-41-7, 1988paper $15.00)

Morale in the Military in War And Peace - and - Gender, Public Policy and the State: Women and the Military. Ryan, Jack, Paolucci, Henry, Pauley, Matthew A., Jackson, John, Kendrigan, Mary Lou, Handy, Kristina, Barnes, Susan D.  Papers presented at the 1998 Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston, Sept 5, 1998
(ISBN: 0-918680-83-2, 1998          paper $19.00)

The Nobel Prize Winners of Italy  (1906-2002)  Featuring 20 Italian and Italian-American Nobel Laureates.
Attura, Azar, with  Preface by Anne Paolucci.  A collection of writings about the 20 Italian and Italian-American Nobel Prize winners, with a special section devoted to Italian Nobel Prize winners on stamps.
(ISBN: 932107-03-7    paper $10.95)

ITALIAN-AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES -- Preserving the Future Through the Past (A Personal Assessment) Anne Paolucci. The Legacy of Elena Cornaro to the Italian-American Woman Ann Merlino, Ph.D.  A realistic picture of the Italian-American community, with suggestions for helping preserve the "legacy", as well as a brief history of the first woman ever to receive a Ph.D. ( Preface by art-historian and educator, Paul J. Patane)
(ISBN: 978-1-932107-13-5    paper $10.00)

DANTE REVISITED  -- Essays by Anne Paolucci
Included as an introduction is a lecture prepared by Dino Bigongiari, for over five decades the most eminent scholar at Columbia University and one of the great Dantist of the century.
An internationally-known comparist, founder of Council on National Literatures and for over three decades Editor of its prestigious series, Review of National Literatures, Dr. Anne Paolucci brings her wide reading and training to bear in" (these) "essays".
(ISBN: 978-1932107241       paper $20.00

Anne Paolucci: Her Autobiography.
(ISBN: 9781932107173 paper $25.00

EDWARD ALBEE -- THE LATER PLAYS Anne Paolucci. From the website: "In what is considered to be a classic in its field, (From Tension to Tonic: The Plays of Edward Albee), Dr. Paolucci here covers the plays that followed, up to Occupant.
In Edward Albee: The Later Plays, the auhor's close analysis emlpoys both innovative and traditional critical approaches hoewever. She points out that the usual categories simmply will not work well in dealing with the 'Absurd'. where structure, characterization, language and theme have given way to a single moment of crisis depicted with laser-like intensity
Rich comparisons with other works abound and give Paolucci's conclusions depth and solidarity with unexpected insights into her approach as a critic. ".
(ISBN-10: 1935191705   ISBN-13: 978-1935191704   paper $25.00)

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