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The Fourth Annual Anne & Henry Paolucci Prize for Italian Writing
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The Italian American Writers Association

In 1991, three writers [who were also educated professionals] formed I.A.W.A.: The Italian-American Writers Association. The group's motto is: "Read each other!" In the last few years, not only has I.A.W.A. grown, but also "Young I.A.W.A." was formed to nurture literary persons under age 25.

"IAWA aims to promote Italian American literature by encouraging the writing, reading, publication, distribution, translation, and study of Italian American writing."
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The Italian American Writers Association announces:

The Fourth Annual Anne & Henry Paolucci Prize for Italian American Writing.
The 2001 Category is Poetry
Prize: $250 and public reading.

To enter, please provide a Double Spaced unpublished manuscript of
10 page minimum / 15 pages maximum, and Four collated copies.

Entrant's name should only appear on the cover sheet with address, phone and title(s) of poem(s).
Mail, with $5.00 Check/Money Order made payable to:

Italian American Writers Association
P.O. Box 2011
New York, NY 10013

The Deadline is September 30, 2001.  Announcement of winner will be made in October.
* * * Previous winners are not allowed to enter the contest * * *