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CNL / RNL is a forum for scholars concerned with comparative literary study of the established, emergent, and neglected national literatures that make up the written and artistic legacy of the diverse contemporary peoples of the world.

Quarterly World Report 1977 through 1984  published semi-annually.  Limited availability of back -issues.
(Q.W.R. ISSN: 0145-6881paper $10.00 + $3 s&h) OUT OF PRINT

Problems in National Literary Identity and the Writer as Social Critic.   Special 2nd Volume. Selected papers of the fourth annual NDEA Seminar on Foreign Area Studies, Columbia University, February 1980. Contrib.: Donald J. Puchala, Salim A. Salim, Bernth Lindfors, Robin Jared Lewis, Elena Klepikova, Frank Warnke, Robert Black.
(ISBN: 0-918680-11-5, 1980paper $10.00 + $3 s&h)

New Literary Continents.   Special Volume. Selected papers of the Fifth NDEA Seminar on Foreign Area Studies. Sponsored by the School of International Affairs, Columbia University. Contrib.: Anne Paolucci, Caroline Eckhardt, Norman Simms, Rosette Lamont, Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Edmund Keeley.
(ISBN: 0-918680-25-5, 1984paper $10.00 + $3 s&h)

What Price Glory  in Translation?  New Series, Vol. I. Contrib.: Marilyn Gaddis Rose, Norman Simms, Elizabeth Welt Trahan.
(ISBN: 0-918680-38-7, 1987paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Comparative Literature and International Studies. Vol. II. Contrib.: Elizabeth Welt Trahan, Jeanne Smoot, P. E. Firchow, Anne Paolucci, Judith Roumani, Jayana Sheth, Katharina M. Wilson.
(ISBN: 0-918680-39-5, 1987paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

The Doctor of Arts Degree: Re-Assessing Teaching and Research Priorities. Vol. IV. Contrib.: Anne Paolucci, Willard Gingerich, Jo Anne Hecker, David L. Wheeler, Martin Kanes, Richard W. Bailey, William C. Woodson, Frank Ginanni, Frank Coppa, George Groman, Bruce Martin.
(ISBN: 0-918680-42-5, 1989paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Selected Papers on Columbus and His Time. Ed. Anne Paolucci/Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: A. Paolucci, Frank J. Coppa, Theodore J. Cachey, Jr., Nishan Parlakian, H. Paolucci, Charles Weathers Bump.
(ISBN: 0-918680-40-9, 1989paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Modern Views of Columbus and His Time. (Essays, Poems, Reprints.)  Ed. Anne Paolucci/Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: A. Paolucci, Richard Gambino, C. F. Kelly, Marie-Lise Gazarian, Franklin C. Cacciutto, George Maritime, H. Paolucci, Claudia. L.Bushman, Ken Gambone, Herbert B. Adams, Charles Weathers Bump.
(ISBN: 0-918680-46-8, 1990paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Multicultural Perspectives: New Approaches. Vol. VI. Contrib.: Carrol F. Coates, Nishan Parlakian, Juliusz Tyszka, Anne Paolucci, Willard Gingerich, Frank Cacciutto (w. 13 postcard size reproductions of original portraits by Constance Del Vechhio Maltese.)
(ISBN: 0-918680-52-2, 1993paper $15.00+ $3 s&h)

Toward the 21st Century: New Directions. Vol. VII. (Special anniversary issue commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Council on National Literatures - 1974-1994; and the 10th anniversary of CNL/World Report - 1984-1994.) Contrib.: Anne Paolucci, Richard C. Clark.
World Report of Books (R.C. Clark, Ed.)
* Greenwood Press: Geoffrey Ribbans, History & Fiction in Galdðs Narratives; Kairamu Welsh-Asante, Ed. The African Aesthetic, Keeper of the Traditions.
* Indiana Univ. Press: Jeffrey D. Mason, Melodrama and the Myth of America.
Intercultural Press: Air B. Islets, Mullah With No Legs & Other Stories; K.B. Ro, Husband, Lover, Holy Man.
* Louisiana State Univ. Press: Bilge Chares, Night; Martin M. Smacker, Night of the Frog (trans. Peter Petro.)
* Stanford Univ. Press: Fernando Alegria, Allende: A Novel, (trans. Frank Jenney)
* The Univ. of Washington Press: The Bread of Salt and Other Stories, N.V.M. Gonzalez.
RNL, CNL/WR, CNL Conferences and publications: Book Reviews and Notices.
"Shakespeare and the World": (Shakespeare Summerfest, 1981)
(ISBN: 0-918680-48-4, 1994)paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Latin America As Its Literature. Vol. VIII.    (Selected papers of the XIVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association - Univ. of Alberta, August 1994.) Spec. Eds. Maria Elena De Valdés, Mario J. Valdés, and Richard Young. Contrib: Eduardo Coutinho, Roseanna Mueller, Leyla Perone-Moises, Luz Aurora Pimentel, Maria Elena De Valdés, Maria Do Carmo Campos, Tania Franco Carvahal, Maria I. Palleiro, Claudine Potvin, Tomo Virk, Daniel Castillo Durante, Amaryll Chanady, Renato Cordeiro Gomes, George Lang, Richard A. Young.
(ISBN: 0-918680-55-7, 1995paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

MultiComparative Theory, Definitions, Realities. Vol. IX. (This volume is dedicated to the memory of Victor Lange, 7/31/08 - 6/29/96.) Spec. Ed. Virgil Nemoiano. Contrib.: Qian Zhongwen, Gerald Gillespie, Virgil Nemoiano, Tania Franco Carvahal, Anne Paolucci, Ersu Ding, Frederick Turner, Edward J. Mullen.
(ISBN: 0-918680-53-0, 1996paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)
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