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Review of National Literature A forum for scholars & critics concerned with literature as expression of national character & repository of national culture in its most vital and readily communicable form. Each issue focuses on a national literature, whether established, neglected, or emergent, viewed critically from a global perspective. To insure competent coverage of highly specialized or novel topics, the regular editors enlist collaboration of special editors.
Series Editor: Anne Paolucci.   Vols. I - VI published by St. John's Univ. Press.  Subsequent volumes published by Council on National Literatures. (ISSN: 0034-6640)
New Series: Review of National Literatures and World Report initiated in 1998 (ISSN:1521-7337)
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Machiavelli '500. Vol. I, No. 1. Spring, 1970. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib.: Leo Strauss, Giuseppe Prezzolini, Joseph A. Mazzeo, John C. H. Wu, Gian Roberto Sarolli, Richard C. Clark. 
(ISBN: 0-918680-56-5 paper. $25.00+$3 s&h)

Hegel in Comparative Literature. Vol I, No. 2. Fall 1970. Spec. Ed. Frederick G. Weiss. Contrib.: Albert Hofstadter, Henry Paolucci, Daisy Fornacca Kouzel, Robert L. Perkins, T. M. Knox, Frank Grande.
(ISBN: 0-918680-57-3paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Iran In Celebration of the 2500th Anniversary of the Founding of the Persian Empire by Cyrus The Great.   Vol II, No. 1. Spring 1971. Spec. Ed. Javad Haidari. Contrib.: Peter Chelkowski, Richard C. Clark, Javad Haidari, William L. Hanaway, Jr., Hasan Javadi, Mohammad Ali Jazayery, Ernst Rose, George M. Wickens, Donald N. Wilber, John d. Yohannan.  
(ISBN: 0-918680-58-1paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Black Africa. Vol. II, No. 2. Fall 1971. Spec. Ed. Albert S. Gérard. Contrib.: Adeboye Babalola, Lyndon Harries, Janheinz Jahn, Daniel P. Kunene, Bernth Lindfors, J. Mbelolo Ya Mpiku, Gerald M. Moser, John Povey, Harold Scheub, Alexander Neil Skinner, Clive Wake.
(ISBN: 0-918680-59-Xpaper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Russia: The Spirit of Nationalism. Vol. III, No. 1, Spring 1972. Spec. Ed. Charles A. Moser. Contrib.: Robert L. Belknap, Deming Brown, Richard C. Clark, James M. Holquist, Rosette C. Lamont, Robert A. Maguire, Nicholas Oulianoff, Walter N. Vickery, Robert T. Whittaker.
(ISBN: 0-918690-60-3paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Shakespeare and England. Vol. III, No. 2, Fall 1972. Spec. Ed. James G. McManaway. Contrib.: Murial Clara Bradbrook, Richard C. Clark, Reginald W. Ingram, Eldred Durosini Jones, J. A. Lavin, Giorgio Melchiori, Kenneth Muir, T.J.B. Spencer, Marvin Spevack.                
(ISBN: 0-918680-61-1paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Turkey: From Empire to Nation. Vol. IV, No. 1, Spring 1973. Spec. Ed. Talât Sait Halman. Contrib.: Metin And, Süheylâ Artemel, Bedia Turgay-Ahmad, Ilhan Basgöz, Kathleen R. F. Burrill, Bedia Turgay-Ahman,
(ISBN: 0-918680-62-X(remainder) paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

The France of Claudel. Vol. IV, No. 2, Fall 1973.  Spec. Ed. Henri Peyre. Contrib.: Jean-Louis Barrault, Richard. C. Clark, James. R. Lawler, Moses M. Nagy, Maurice Pinguet, Leopold Senghor.
(ISBN: 0-918680-63-8(remainder)  paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

The Multinational Literature of Yugoslavia Vol. V No. 1 Spring 1974. Spec. Ed. Albert B. Lord. Contrib.: Thomas J. Butler, Mary Putney Coote, Svetozar Koljevic, Blaze Koneski, John Loud, Aleksander Nejgebauer, Anne Paolucci, Henry Paolucci, Josip Torbarina.
(ISBN: 0-918680-64-6(remainder) paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Greece: The Modern Voice. Vol. V, No. 2, Fall 1974.  Spec. Ed. Peter A. Mackridge.Contrib.: Peter Bien, Edmund Keeley, Christopher Robinson, Katerina Anghelaki Rooke, Philip Sherrard, Mario Vitti.
(ISBN: 0-918680-65-4paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

China's Literary Image. Vol. VI, No. 1, Spring 1975.  Spec. Ed. Paul K. T. Sih. Contrib.: Eugene Ching, Richard C. Clark, Dell R. Hales, C. T. Hsia, Paul K. T. Sih, Richard Hsiuh Yang, Yen Yuan-Shu.
(ISBN: 0-918680-66-2paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Canada. Vol. 7, 1976. Spec. Ed. Richard J. Schoeck. Contrib.: R. G. Collins, Dorothy Livesay, Anne Paolucci, Henry Paolucci, Richard J. Schoeck, Philip Stratford, Ronald Benedetto Bignone Sutherland.
(ISBN: 0-918680-67-0paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Holland. Vol. 8, 1977  Spec. Ed. Frank J. Warnke. Contrib.:Bard Bakker, E. M. Beekman, Richard Clark, Egbert Krispyn, Fred Nichols, Johan Snapper, Henrietta T Harmsel, Frank Warnke.
(ISBN: 0-918680-68-9    paper $25.00+$3 s&h)

German Expressionism. Vol. 9, 1978.   Spec. Ed. Victor Lange. Contrib.: M. Anderle, Armin Arnold, Richard C. Clark, Manfred Durzak, Victor Lange
(ISBN: 0-918680-69-7paper $6.95 + $3 s&h)

India. Vol. 10, 1980; Second printing 1984. Spec. Ed. Ronald Warwick.  Contrib.: K. K. Chatterjee, Richard Clark, Prabhu S. Guptara, P. Lal, Alastair Niven, Vasant A. Shahane, William Walsh, Ronald Warwick.
(ISBN: 0-918680-20-0paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Problems in National Literary Identity and the Writer as Social Critic -- 1980 -- Anne Paolucci and Various Contributors. Selected Papers of the Fourth Annual NDEA Seminar on Foreign Area Studies, Sponsored by the School of Public Affairs, Columbia University, and the Council on National Literatures, February 1980
(ISBN: 0-918680-11-5Paper $10.00 + $3 s&h)

New Literary Continents -- 1981 -- Anne Paolucci and Various Contributors. Selected Papers of the Fifth Annual NDEA Seminar on Foreign Area Studies, Sponsored by the School of Public Affairs, Columbia University, and the Council on National Literatures, February 1981
(ISBN: 0-918680-25-5Paper $10.00 + $3 s&h)

Australia. Vol. 11, 1982. Spec. Ed. L. A. C. Dobrez. Contrib.: Ronald H. Berndt, Manning Clark, Richard C. Clark, John Colmer, Livio Dobrez, H. P. Heseltine, Brian Kiernan, Anne Paolucci, Henry Paolucci 
(ISBN: 0-918680-16-6paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Norway. Vol. 12, 1983.  Spec. Ed. Sverre Lyngstad. Contrib.: Edvard Beyer, Richard C. Clark, Janet Garton, John M. Hoberman, Leif Longum, Sverre Lyngstad, Rolf N. Nettum, Henry Paolucci, Janet E. Rasmussen
(ISBN: 0-918680-17-4paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Armenia. Vol 13, 1984. Spec. Ed. Vahe Oshagan. Contrib.: Elena Alexanian, James Etmekjian, Levon Hakhverdian, Vrej Nersessian, Varak Nersissian, Vahe Oshagan, Anne Paolucci, Henry Paolucci, Nishan Parlakian. 
(ISBN: 0-918680-77-8paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h      cloth  $40.00 + $3 s&h)

Pirandello. Vol. 14, 1987.  Spec. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib.: Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni, Victor Carrabino, Antonio Illiano, Umberto Mariani, Moses M. Nagy, Anne Paolucci, Mary T. Reynolds, Jennifer Stone, Franco Zangrilli
(ISBN: 0-918680-27-1paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Comparative Literature and International Studies -- 1987   with Introduction by Anne Paolucci
(ISBN: 0145-6873paper $15.00 + $# s&h)

Comparative Literary Theory: New Perspectives Vol.15, 1989 Spec. Ed. Anne Paolucci. Contrib. Albert Gérard, Bruce King, John Deeney, Norman Simms, Anne & Henry Paolucci.
(ISBN: 0-918680-24-7  paper  $25.00+ $3 s&h)

Selected Papers on Columbus and His Time -- 1989 -- Introduction by Anne Paolucci
(ISBN: 0-0918680-40-9 paper  $15.00 + $3 s&h)

The Doctor of Arts Degree: Assessing Teaching and Researcxh Priorities-- 1989  -- Editor: Anne Paolucci
(ISBN 0-918680-42-5    paper $15.00 +$3 s&h)

Modern Views on Columbus and His Time -- 1990 -- Special Editors: Anne Paolucci / Henry Paolucci
(ISBN -0-918680-46-8paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Columbus, America, and The World. Vol. 16, 1992.   Spec. Eds. Anne Paolucci & Henry Paolucci. Contrib.: Dino Bigongiari, Frank J. Coppa, Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier, John K. Gillespie, Frank D. Grande, Foster Provost, O. Carlos Stoetzer
(ISBN: 0-918680-33-6paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Hungarian Literature. Vol. 17, 1993.  Spec. Ed. Enikö Molnár Basa. Contrib: George F. Cushing, Péter Dávidházi, Béla Oinigáts, László Rónay, György E. Szonyi .
(ISBN: 0-918680-35-2paper  $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Japan: A Literary Overview. Vol. 18, 1993. Spec. Ed. John K. Gillespie. Contrib: John K. Gillespie, Phillip T. Harries, Chieko Irie Mulhern, Edward Putzar, Makoto Ueda, Janet A. Walker.
(ISBN: 0-918680-23-9  paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Multiciltiral Perspectives: New Approaches -- 1993  -- Anne Paolucci, and - Contributors: Carroll F. Coates, Nishan Parlakina, Juliusz Tyzka, Constance Del Vecchio Maltese, Willard GIngerich, Franklin C. Cacciutto
(ISBN: 0-918680-52-2paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Toward the 21st Century: New Directions -- Special Anniversary Issue Commemorating the 20th of CNL - 1974-1994, and the 10th Anniversary of CNL/World Report, 1984-1994 - Anne Paolucci and Richard C. Clark
(ISBN: 0-918680-48-4paper $15.00 + $3 s&h)

Native American Antiquities and Linguistics. Vol. 19, 1995. Justin Winsor. Part I of III.     Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci.      
(ISBN: 0-918680-49-2paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Latin America as Its Literature --1995Editors: Maria Elena De Valdes and Mario J. Valdes - Various Contributors
(ISBN: 0-918680-55-7$15.00 + $3 s&h)

Cultures of the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. Vol. 20, 1996. Justin Winsor & C. R. Markham. Part II of III.   Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci.   
(ISBN: 0-918680-50-6paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Early Spanish, French, and English Encounters with the American Indians. Vol. 21, 1997. Justin Winsor & George E. Ellis. Part III of III. Spec. Eds. Anne & Henry Paolucci
(ISBN: 0-918680-54-9   paper $25.00+$3 s&h)

Romanticism In Its Modern Aspects, Vol. 1, New Series (Review of National Literature and World Report), 1998.  Spec. Ed. Virgil Nemoianu, Asst. Ed. Joel Coleman. World Report: Early Discussions On Expanding Comparative Literary Studies, Ed. Anne Paolucci.
(ISBN: 0-918680-73-5paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Literature As a Unifying Cultural Force, Vol. 2, New Series, 1999. Ed. Anne Paolucci. World Report: Comparative Studies and Non-Western Literatures: Retrospective
(ISBN: 0-918680-78-6paper $25.00 + $3 s&h)

Italy: Fiction, Theatre, Poetry, Film  since 1950.  Vol 3, New Series, 2000   Ed. Anne Paolucci. **Special Editor, Robert Dombroski**
(ISBN: 0-918680-            paper $25.00 + $3 s&)

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